TAPP HPA Glock / AAP-01 Magazine


  • High capacity HPA conversion magazine
  • Fits Marui Glock & AAP-01
  • Uses M4 AEG magazines

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TAPP Airsoft

HPA Glock / AAP-01 Magazine


Use regular M4 AEG magazines in your GBB Pistol! Powered by High Pressure Air (HPA), pre-built, ready to plug and play! Concept designed, assembled & made in the USA. This magazine is designed to be for use with Tokyo Marui Glock & AAP-01.




  • Use standard M4 AEG magazines in your GBB platform
  • HPA powered, we suggest 100-125 PSI
  • One-Piece Magazine-Adapter Design for better functionality and performance
  • Advanced BB feeding/retention system to prevent wasting ammo and more mag compatibility
  • Single stack BB flow from source to feed lip (No insert or double stacking)
  • No connection between magazine and adapter (Fewer o-rings, better air seal)
  • SLS Nylon PA12 material for lightweight durable construction (weighs less than 5 ounces)
  • Tapp adapters come fully assembled, no need to sacrifice an existing magazine for parts
  • HPA Foster Fitting (US spec) and 6mm OD tube




*HPA Bottle & Regulator sold separately*


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