Is your airsoft gun not performing well?

Refusing to shoot B.B’s?

Does it sound like a dying cat?


Lucky for you we are here to help with that nationwide

  • Your gun is not at the right FPS?
  • B.B feeding issues / not shooting?
  • Dribbling B.B’s out the end of the barrel?
  • Nothing working at all!?! WHY OH WHY
  • Only shooting full auto?
  • Screeching or grinding noises?
  • Tired sluggish gun?
  • Not shooting far or fast enough?
  • Did you buy a lemon?


Now Building The Ultimate HPA Custom Magazines


  • 300 shots of pure fury
  • Simple robust design
  • Warranty Included
  • Lightning Fast Pressure
  • PLUG & PLAY designed engineering


Available for most GBB Airsoft guns & equipment on the market:


  • Tokyo Marui
  • WE
  • KJ Works
  • Vega Force Company
  • And many more

We can offer upgrades for…


  • Tightbore barrels & hop tuning
  • FPS tuning for AEG, HPA, GBB
  • Mosfet upgrades
  • Gearbox calibration
  •  Barrel shortening
  • Fire rate upgrades
  • Trigger sensitivity tuning
  • Sound upgrades
  • Custom 400rd extended hi-cap GBB pistol magazines
  • HPA tapping for GBB magazines

Or… Anything you can dream up we can build from ground up with personalized custom part imports & builds