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We have the expertise ranging from simple repair work for your airsoft guns to full gun builds and custom work (internally and externally) that will blow you away! We have some of the best Gun Techs in New Zealand when it comes to working with spring powered, gas powered, electric powered & HPA powered Airsoft guns!



Custom machining work

[Barrel turning work]


    • From $50 – Cut new threads: 14mm or any other thread pitch.
    • From $30 – Inner Barrel shortening & re-crown.
    • From $50 – Re-Profile your barrel to different length or thickness.
    • From $50 – Custom barrel fitting.



Gearbox trigger

[Enhanced trigger installs]


    • From $150 to install GATE – TITAN / ASTER unit (unit sold seperately).
    • From $95 to modify adjustable trigger to match grade trigger (super light weight trigger pull and adjustable length of pull; This can only be done in conjunction with HPA fusion engines and GATE TITAN/ASTER units).

Now Building The Ultimate HPA Custom Magazines


  • 300 shots of pure fury
  • Simple robust design
  • Warranty Included
  • Lightning Fast Pressure
  • PLUG & PLAY designed engineering


Available for most GBB Airsoft guns & equipment on the market:


  • Tokyo Marui
  • WE
  • KJ Works
  • Vega Force Company
  • And many more

We can offer upgrades for…


  • Tightbore barrels & hop tuning
  • FPS tuning for AEG, HPA, GBB
  • Mosfet upgrades
  • Gearbox calibration
  •  Barrel shortening
  • Fire rate upgrades
  • Trigger sensitivity tuning
  • Sound upgrades
  • Custom 400rd extended hi-cap GBB pistol magazines
  • HPA tapping for GBB magazines

Or… Anything you can dream up we can build from ground up with personalized custom part imports & builds