Airsoft is a sporting activity involving outdoor exercise and skill, in which an individual or team competes against each other for entertainment

Come get some fresh air and meet some people! Who knows… You may even make a new friend or two…

“Airsoft gets you off the video games during the weekends, makes you more friends, and gives you a full course of exercise… It’s honestly been the most perfect part of my lifestyle for almost 5 years, and it’s actually fun.”

-Sam Glassey [Sushi] -24

For years our club have been getting together every weekend to play airsoft. Proudly we have always been open to warmly welcome new players into the sport, guide them through the dynamics of the sport, and provide a gateway to thousands of enthusiastic players we have visiting from local groups & around the country every week

When our club began the soul motivation for the business was to introduce the Airsoft experience to as many people as possible.


Today our staff and our devoted members are proud to continue the same tradition, and help provide more services to steer the sport towards a bright future for generations

Airsoft has largely proven to have many advantages for personal growth skills… Such as confidence building, teamwork building exercises, fitness motivation, problem solving skills… And the list literally goes on.

Despite the massive range of attitudes, play styles, and skill levels at play on field; the common mutual respect between the players is that everyone rocks their own style. And that’s totally OK


Our playground is a bit of a combination between village + CQB… Does anyone remember the MW2 map called Favela?

We play games like…

  • Scenario based situations

  • Large Team vs Team objectives (sometimes up to 50+ players at a time)

  • 4 team objective games

  • VIP rescue objectives

  • Search and Destroy objectives

  • Custom Duo or free for all game variants

And so many more!

Airsoft is not only ideal for personal skill growth… But also a great idea for the workplace to have a work-do! it doesn’t matter what your job truly is, It can change your staff approach & attitudes to each and every workplace situation


So… What are you waiting for? Book your first session right here! We can’t wait to see you