The Arena | Current field rules


At the Arena we treat the health and safety of our customers very seriously! Please make sure you have read and understood the field rules before coming out for a game. Click here for Current field rules.
If your under 18, a parent/caregiver must give you consent before you can play by attending a safety briefing with you at the shop, followed by signing you in at the shop counter.
We recommend first time players bring an extra layer of clothing with sleeves (like a hoody or a sweater) for head protection a beanie or a cap is a great idea. Come over-prepared and remove unnecessary protection as you feel best fit. Sports or Running shoes are also ideal for Airsoft, concealed toes avoid being trodded on! Gloves are also a great idea for protecting your hands!
It can in some cases depending especially on where you are hit, and the distance of the fired. Shots on bare skin will usually have a slight sting, and is more noticable on tighter skin areas or on bone like the knuckles. If you have played paintball before the impact of a B.B is roughly 10 to 20 percent of the force a paintball has.
Most fields (like us) require each new player regardless of their skill level to attend a safety briefing. Remember that each field may have it's own hazards, house rules and game play rules. Failing to abide by these may get you kicked off field!
Eye protection is absolutely mandatory, some fields (like us) also have mouth protection mandatory. Make sure you choose safe, durable, and well fitting products! While playing, spectating, or even just using airsoft guns make sure you apply your safety. If you are unsure feel free to contact us or your field.
Eye protection is mandatory when it come to airsoft. At a minimum well fitting and eye sealing safety rated glasses/goggles (we particularly prefer AS/NZS1337 certified eye wear protection usually found in hardware stores) Most fields (like us) also have mandatory mouth protection, however we recommend it anyway to take care of your lovely white teeth! We recommend hard mesh or hard plastic lower face guards (Sports in-mouth guards are ineffective and not recommended). We highly recommend full face masks or paintball masks for the superior protection and durability. Especially for close quarters battles where being shot in the face could be common.
Yes! We include full face masks with our hire packages.
Not really! Many players actually enjoy walking over running sometimes, and there is absolutely nothing wrong about taking your time and going your own pace. Fitness isn't a major requirement, yet airsoft is also a great way to improve your fitness.
Absolutely! We highly encourage Boys & Girls to enjoy the sport, be involved with the community, be part of an experience which grows more and more exciting every year.
We recommend playing from 16 years old for the best experience, anyone younger (Minimum 12 Years old accepted) will require parents to supervise them on field just in case!
By law you must be 18 years or older, if you are younger than 18 years old, you must hold an NZ firearms licence (You must be at least 16 years old to sign up). The Arena can only sell airsoft guns to people who are over 18 or 16 to 18 with a firearms licence, plus proof of membership from a New Zealand Airsoft club. As our Airsoft guns were imported with police permits they are sold under the condition of sale being to an Airsoft club member within New Zealand.
Airsoft guns are not Firearms, they fall within a class called "Restricted Airguns" and are governed by the New Zealand Police Firearms Code. Airsoft Guns look very much like real firearms, it is recommended to store them in a locked safe or cabinet. Its best practice to transport Airsoft Guns out of sight, in a Firearms bag or a hard case when travelling to an Airsoft Game Venue.
Absolutely, an airsoft gun's FPS is very important for everyone's safety. FPS is an acronym for "feet per second", and is a way of determining the speed of the BB when shot out of your Airsoft gun. Obviously the higher the FPS, the faster the B.B travels, and likely the further the shot will travel. Most fields will have an FPS limit. Please check with your field first before entering play for the first time, or you may face consequences!
Different grades of BBs will biodegrade over different periods of time. Non-bio B.B's are usually made of a plastic like compound, Bio B.B's made of either PLA, which is a corn based materiel which is the same materiel used with making shopping bags. Some Bio B.B ingredients are unknown and kept secret by the creators. Some fields here in Canterbury (And NZ) do not permit non-biodegradable B.B's due to land owner requests (like ECAN or similar). Be sure to check with your field before playing.
Airsoft guns fire a plastic 6mm Round B.B. Usually these are white but can be found in different colours like green, black, yellow, or glow in the dark for tracers.
Absolutely not. These will do SERIOUS HARM to people as they will very likely break through most types of safety protection. Most fields will straight up permanently ban you if you take these on field. Firing metal B.B's from your Airsoft gun will damage your internals. PLEASE do not attempt this at any time.
Our public games are Semi-Auto only, by special request private bookings or special Club days Full-Auto fire is permitted. For new players to the sport Semi-Auto is much more enjoyable.