Wolverine Inferno Gen.2 Nozzle (G36)


  • Convert your AEG to HPA
  • G36 Nozzle for Inferno Gen.2
  • 24.5mm Length

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Wolverine AIRSOFT

Inferno Gen.2 Nozzle (G36)



  • This Nozzle is compatible with: Inferno Gen.2 HPA engines
  • Conversion nozzle for G36 series
  • Nozzle length: 24.5mm


NOZZLE MEASUREMENT: If you can’t find a nozzle specific to your replica, you can determine the correct nozzle by measuring the two distances indicated in the second photo and adding them together. Then choose a nozzle from the list that is 0 to 0.5mm longer than your measurement.


CA LMG – 17.75mm

M249 – 18.75mm

M4 – 19.25mm

AK – 19.65mm

KA FAL – 21.5mm

G36 – 24.5mm

CA SCAR L – 25.75mm

PTS Masada – 27.5mm

VFC XCR – 29mm

A&K Masada – 33.32mm

GG SR25 – 35.05mm

VFC SCAR H – 36mm

KA SIG 556 – 47.4mm



The world of HPA upgrading can be confusing, feel free to Email us if you are unsure of what you need!



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Weight .250 kg
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 6 cm


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