The Arena – Proudly the home of the airsoft experience
Christchurch, New Zealand


We open our doors every weekend for our members, and new players curious about the sport to come play every weekend

We provide experienced advice towards choosing the right products, sell our test proven airsoft gun imports, service & repair most brands, and build one of a kind custom airsoft guns & equipment

We are also very fortunate to have the support of a team of experienced, die-hard, passionate volunteers to help us create the experiences we offer every weekend, they are are also very open to helping new players learn the ropes. And a very open welcoming community

If you would like to know more about the sport of Airsoft… Click here



The Airsoft Ninja, ever passionate about the sport since 2009. “It’s all about bringing bigger and better experiences to the sport for everyone else to enjoy !” In the beginning  it started from the video game Resident Evil 2 .. somehow ended up taking Airsoft as a sport & repairing airsoft guns for other clubs in Christchurch. Well known as The Ninjaramourer in the airsoft community back in the day, around the same time as when the wheel was invented. Airsoft dealer & import specialist



Brendan started getting into airsoft in 2011, then quickly progressed into the airsoft gunsmith side. He aims for quality over quantity when it comes to upgrades and repair services, and stands behind his work. He has an answer to all those airsofty type questions, and has a fantastic toolbox of knowledge for troubleshooting, upgrades and anything airsoft related



Sam (largely known as Sushi) is often seen in the wild armed with a DSLR camera (which looks like a humongous cannon), and a Logitech keyboard (For smashing a mad ULT ability). He is the weekly photographer, content creator, and the online manager for The Arena. He provides his 5 years of airsoft experience towards helping customers choose the right products, advises game play skill improvements, and creates content across the social media in effort to introduce a pure airsoft experience to the world