Classic Army M134-A2 Vulcan Minigun


  • CNC metal receiver
  • 6 barrel rotating system
  • 6 individual hop-up system
  • Ultimate Airsoft Collectable

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Hello buyer, please note!


To purchase an Airgun, legally you MUST be 18+ Years old if you do not hold a firearms licence.

Additional to the requirement above, proof of an airsoft club membership within NZ is required for this item (Either a club ID OR a written letter from the club) as this item was imported under these conditions via the police import permit process due to the classification of this item being a “Restricted Airgun”.

Mail orders MUST complete an S-43A Police form (we provide this for you to complete and drop off at your local arms office) – Local pick up will not require the S-43A, just one form of I.D: Driver’s licence, Passport or Firearms Licence.





Classic Army M134-A2 Vulcan Minigun (S009M-1)



This fantastic full metal minigun is a jaw dropping 1040mm long with flash hider and weighs in at 11.8kg! Full CNC Metal Receiver makes this masterpiece as durable as it gets!


With 6 gatling style rotating barrels, each shooting BBs and having its own individual adjustable hop-up allows you to create your desired BB flight pattern! Each barrels adjustable hop up is accessed under the centre drum cover plate (where the Classic Army logo is located). The Flash hider can be removed from the barrel to have a more visually lighter look.


The Minigun takes 2000 rounds of BBs can be loaded by removing the end cap of the BB hopper (located at the end of the centre drum – by the pistol grip) and will be emptied in just 40 seconds with the insane 50 rounds per second rate of fire!


Being HPA powered, means you have the freedom to adjust the FPS by simply setting the PSI on your Air tank regulator. Factory recommended 120-125 PSI will shoot 400FPS on 0.20g BB.


This gun is one of those that you have to see to believe, with amazing looks and outstanding power the Classic Army Vulcan M134-A2 6 Barrel Airsoft Gatling Gun is top of the line!


Simple system to use, plug in the 11.1v battery (Battery terminal in the left drum storage), plug in your HPA bottle to the exposed Airline in the centre drum, load the BBs into the hopper (centre drum) and your ready to let rip!


Where as other previous M134 models had high wear, tear and maintenance issues, the Classic Army version was design to avoid these issues and has to be the World’s #1 Best Airsoft M134 with near fault-less design and easy maintenance! Truly a gem in anyone’s airsoft collection!



Length : 1040mm

Weight: 11.8 KG

Barrel: 6x Rotating barrels

Hop-up : 6x Adjustable

Shooting Mode: Full-Auto

Rate of fire: 3000 rounds per minute / 50 rounds per second

Magazine Capacity: 2000 rounds internal hopper

Bullet Type : 6mm plastic BB

Power Source: 11.1v Li-po (barrel motor) + HPA

FPS: Adjustable through tank regulator – @ 120psi = 400FPS on 0.20g BB



*11.1v Battery, HPA regulator and HPA bottle sold separately*



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