ICS MGL Grenade Launcher


  • ABS polymer body
  • 6-Shot Double Action
  • 40mm Shells

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MGL Grenade Launcher (ICS-190)



The real steel Milkor MGL (Multiple Grenade Launcher) is a lightweight 40 mm semi-automatic, 6-shot grenade launcher developed and manufactured in South Africa by Milkor Ltd. It uses the well-proven revolver principle to fire a variety of rounds such as HE, HEAT, anti-riot baton, irritant, and pyrotechnic. The pre-loaded system means that it shoots as fast as you can pull the trigger.


The ICS model is very similar in design but most noticeably its extensive use of polymers means that it overcomes the biggest problem that plagued earlier model revolver launchers, the weight. At a little over 2kg, the ICS-190 is feather light and even when fully loaded with 6 shells your looking at about 3.5kg putting it on par with most normal primary weapons. With two quick detach sling mounts, a rear QD slot and a rail mounted QD slot bracket; slinging the weapon is as easy as a tactical M4.


ICS-180 emulates the real steel with its sideways swing-out chambers making it easier to handle. M4 type adjustable stock makes the MGL length & angle adjustable with 3 positions like the real steel. The spring mechanism winds up and deploys enough rotation for six rounds and then after the final one it locks in place and the trigger will not complete a full pull.




  • Built Material: ABS polymer
  • Magazine capacity: 6 rounds (40mm Airsoft shells)
  • Length: 630mm – 725mm
  • Weight: 2200g
  • Muzzle Velocity: Shell dependant
  • Firing modes: Safe/Double Action
  • Package includes: MGL, box & manuals



*40mm Shells sold separately*




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