Wolverine STORM OnTank High Pressure HPA regulator


  • Ultra fast recharge rate even at low pressure
  • Compatible with SLP/HPA Tanks
  • Operating pressure 60-180 PSI

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Wolverine AIRSOFT

STORM OnTank High Pressure HPA regulator with line



STORM OnTank is the first regulator designed specifically for airsoft. With ultra-fast recharge rate at both high and low pressure, the STORM regulator is the perfect companion to our HPA engines! It is extremely low-profile and has a convenient zip-tie tournament lock for fields.

These regulators come in black only and are recommended for guns requiring more pressure than the standard 140 PSI. This high pressure regulator has adjustable pressure between 60-180 PSI. Package includes: High pressure regulator, line, patch, spare o-rings & PSI adjustment tool.



The world of HPA upgrading can be confusing, feel free to Email us if you are unsure of what you need!



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Weight .250 kg
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 6 cm


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