VFC Sniper – Hard Gun Case (Tan)


  • Hard plastic case
  • Diced foam layer for custom fitting
  • Lockable safe storage

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Plastic Sniper Hard Gun Case (Tan)


These are capable of storing Firearms, Airsoft, Paintball, or other valuables you can fit inside it.

The memory foam comes in two thick layers, padded out well to ensure a snug fit while closed.

Four metal latches snap down, locking the case shut. The hard case also allows for the use of a small padlock or locking device.

Stacking of multiple cases is possible thanks to the ribbed design.


Internal dimensions: 1320mm x 340mm x 95mm

External dimensions: 1350mm x 420mm x 140mm

Product code: VF9-CAS-SW-TN02


**Guns & magazines not included**




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