VFC Avalon Samurai Edge CQB


  • CNC Aluminium Receiver
  • Digital Firing Control System
  • 6.03mm tightbore barrel + mapleleaf hop rubber

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Hello buyer, please note!

To purchase this Restricted Airgun, you MUST be 18+ Years old with proof of an Airsoft Club Membership within NZ (Either a club ID OR a written letter from the club).

If you’re needing this item shipped, a S43A Police form will need to be completed; we provide this for you to complete and needs to be dropped off at your local arms office.





Avalon Samurai Edge CQB – AEG



This VFC masterpiece is not your normal AEG! Not only does it have a beautifully crafted body built from CNC aluminium, steel & nylon reinforced polymer; internally comes pre-upgraded with Digital Firing Control System inside a ECS ver.2.1 gearbox! The barrel assembly already comes pre-upgraded with a maple leaf hop rubber & 6.03mm tightbore barrel!


  • Digital Firing Control System
    Programmable 3-round Burst Mode
    Set selection lever in SEMI mode, pull and HOLD the trigger for few seconds, the twice “BEEP” sound will be heard, than in 2nd mode(SAFE – SEMI – BURST). Pull and HOLD the trigger for few seconds again, the triple “BEEP” sound will be heard, than in 3rd mode ( SAFE – BURST – AUTO ). If you repeat again, system return to default start mode ( SAFE – SEMI -AUTO ).
    Piston Pre-pull by SEMI Mode
    Pull the trigger several times in SEMI mode so that piston position will be pre-pull, and improve the precision of shooting.
    Piston Reset by AUTO Mode
    Before you remove the battery from your AEG, please pull the trigger several times in AUTO mode so that piston position could be reset.
    Automatic Detection of the Voltage
    The “BEEP” sound will have different modes depending on the battery voltage, triple sound for 11.1V, twice sound for 7.4V.
    Low Voltage Alarm
    When the battery is about to run out, the triple “BEEP” sound will be heard for alarm.
  • The ECS GearBox (Ver.2.1)
    All reinforced parts included HOP-UP system, new fiber reinforced piston & tappet plate, steel gear set & match grade cylinder, build-in digital firing control system set with piston pre-cocking & firing MOD change function.
  • Fore-end & Barrel
    Steel QD Flashhider / 13″ Lightweight CNC Barrel / Handguard Locating Pin / New Design Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Gas Block / KAC Type Micro Front Filp Sight and Micro 600mm Rear Sight / Lightweight M-LOK Handguard.
  • Receiver
    Full CNC aluminum Alloy Lightweight Receiver / Independent Serial No. / Steel Dust Cover / Steel Forward Assist / QRS Retractable Stock with Battery Space / CNC Lightweight Barrel Nut / Steel Stock Lock Nut.
  • Firing Control
    Ambidextrous Enlarged Magazine Release & Safety Level / Workable Extended Charging Handle / M4 Flashing Straight Trigger / Oversized Trigger Guard / QRS Conformal Rear Grip with Anti-Skid Textured Surface.



  • Build Material : CNC Aluminium receiver, steel & Nylon reinforced polymer
  • Gearbox : ECS GearBox (Ver.2.1)
  • Magazine : M4 type, 120 Rounds ( 6mm plastic BB )
  • Length : 828 mm / 910 mm ( Stock Extended )
  • Inner Barrel Length : 380 mm – 6.03mm tightbore barrel
  • Weight : 2555 g
  • Fire Mode : Safe / Semi / Burst Fire / Full Auto
  • Hop-Up : Adjustable with Maple leaf bucking
  • Muzzle Velocity : Approx. 330-350 fps with 0.2g bbs
  • Package Includes : Gun, Magazine, Manual
  • Motor: VFC Long type 35000 motor
  • Power source: 7.4v/11.1v li-po stick type battery



*Battery & charger sold separately*


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