Polarstar F1 VFC HK417 HPA AEG Conversion Kit


  • Dual Purpose Flow Control System
  • Suits many CQB & Greenfield setups
  • Capable of 30RPS+
  • Performance & Built To Last

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Genuine Polarstar – Made in the USA

Unlike similar systems, the F1™ incorporates a dual purpose flow control system which allows for nozzle speed regulation and two stage firing through an integral check valve. The check valve system regulates nozzle speed based on the direction of movement while also controlling flow to the secondary firing point. This unique design promotes both smoother chambering and overall shot consistency.

The F1 will suit any role with it’s universal adjustability. It will Adjust from 350 FPS CQB limits all the way up to green field distance 500 FPS DMR, Assault Rifles, and beyond

Most setups will achieve 30RPS of fire rate, but well tuned setups will easily exceed this

The F1 will give you the tuning capabilities, and is built to last on the field


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