Gate TITAN V2 Gearbox MOSFET (Front wired) Advanced


  • USB + Cables Included For Control Center
  • Hybrid 2 Stage Semi / Full Auto Trigger
  • Custom Fire Rate
  • 2 – 10 Round Burst,¬†Full Fire Selector Combustibility
  • Burst, Auto, Or Hybrid Semi / Auto Trigger

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Put the next generation of combustibility into your AEG! Trustworthy GENUINE European made Gate TITAN, for the V2 Gearbox

Fine tune your AEG gun fire rates with active Braking!

Light sensors detect the position of your Trigger, fire selector, and sector gear position. Exploit the insane precision these systems have

AUG mode enables half trigger semi-auto, full trigger pull for auto-fire

Enable burst modes, adjust the trigger sensitivity, take control of how your guns perform out on the field

Connect to your mobile phone! GATE control station app now available for android

This advanced package includes

Pre-cocking combustibility
Fire rate customization
Sniper delay mode
Equalizer support
2 – 10 round burst modes
full selector combustibility including semi, burst modes, and full auto
Gun operation statistics

Drop in, Plug and play (we strongly recommend tuning with the Programming card, or the USB link + software for accurate results plus additional features)

Already upgraded to ADVANCED firmware features with all gate features included (See image)

Programming card + USB link all included within this package with USB micro & Type C Cables

*Experienced airsoft gearbox assembly required*

Additional information

Weight .235 kg
Dimensions 30 × 17 × 3 cm


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