• 3rd Generation MOSFET
  • Universal To Most AEG Guns
  • LiPo & LiFe Compatible
  • Rate Of Fire Monitor
  • Burst Mode Compatible

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The most universal & powerful 3rd gen mosfet systems by GATE

The MERF system gives your AEG far more choice for less, and gives you HUGE bang for buck out of your weapon… And is the most universal feature mosfet we offer!

Comes with programming button for on the fly tuning

Compatible with LiPo and LiFePO4 (upto 14.8v), Standard circuitry trigger blocks & micro switch trigger systems

Active braking system maintains consistent trigger pull response, and stops firing as soon as the trigger is released

The MERF 3.2 like the WARFET and the NanoHARD protects itself from short circuits, overheating, and overloading jams thanks to the internal electronic fuse… And works infinitely

Battery protection on board will prevent running your batteries too low! The gun will stop firing when your battery voltage drops too low

Debouncing allows compatibility with micro switches, and improves consistency with circuit trigger block contact

Automatic rate of fire control monitors your battery voltage, and adjusts your rate of fire accordingly to maintain lossless rate of fire

3 round burst mode allows you to set your AUTO or SEMI fire mode to burst mode

Custom fire selector modes (when wiring is configured accordingly)

Stock wiring config = Semi/Full Auto – Semi/Burst
Modified wiring config = semi/full auto – Semi/Burst, Burst/Auto

*Some assembly required, experience strongly recommended*

Additional information

Weight .060 kg
Dimensions 12 × 7 × 4 cm


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