Wolverine Spartan Control Board


  • Convert your AEG to HPA
  • Adjustable FPS, ROF, Dwell & 3-round Burst
  • M4 – V2 gearboxes & ICS M4 split mechs

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Wolverine AIRSOFT

Spartan Control Board



Compatible with V2 gearboxes, the Spartan Edition allows users to use HPA without the headache of figuring out all the settings. By combining the trigger board and FCU, the Spartan Electronics are our most robust system yet. Tune your gun in 30 seconds with our Live-Fire Tuning then get out and play!


This will require a small 7.4v (sold separately) battery. The Spartan edition doesn’t come with a tuning board, it includes the Spartan trigger board instead. Programming the dwell, rate of fire and switching to 3-round burst is done by the trigger in ‘programme mode’ – Programming instructions.



The world of HPA upgrading can be confusing, feel free to Email us if you are unsure of what you need!



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Weight .250 kg
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 6 cm


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