VFC Super High Torque Motor


  • Super High Torque Long Type motor
  • Fits most V2 series gearboxes
  • Great for high FPS upgrades

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VFC Airsoft

Super High Torque Motor (Long)



Most powerful motor VFC has to offer! This motor is full of power and speed with neodymium magnetic (rare earth magnet). The characteristic of neodymium type motor is that the torque generated at the beginning and the torque generated during rotation are constant, so the rate of continuous firing is constant, and the reaction of the trigger is fast.


VFC Super High Torque Motor is suitable for the M4/M16, MP5, G3, P90 & G&P M249 AEGs.

Integrated High Performance neodymium Magnets with Ball Bearing & Bushing.

Maximum RPM: 45000 r.p.m.

Operating Voltage: 4.5V ~ 12V.

OEM Tienly Motors.



Features of each part:

1. Pinion Gear uses heat treated hardened steel for longevity.
2. Ball bearings installed in all rotating parts which reduces friction, noise and improves rotation transmission efficiency.
3. The insulator used for the motor end cap is a special reinforced resin material, which has high stress against heat and shock.
4. Motor body is made of reinforced steel, thus reducing the possibility of distortion in motor shaft when running high powered springs.
5. Motor stabilisers are provided with a motor shaft retainer using ball bearings to support the motor shaft so it can absorb high torsional force.
6. Heat Dissipation vents around the motor to lower the motor temperature.
7. Large carbon brush for long life.






Additional information

Weight .025 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 3 cm


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