• Collector Grade Airsoft Gun
  • Realistic Replica
  • Gas blowback with recoil

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To purchase this Restricted Airgun, you MUST be 18+ Years old with proof of an Airsoft Club Membership within NZ (Either a club ID OR a written letter from the club).








The Right Arm of the Free World, a term given to the FAL a French acronym for Fusil Automatique Leger and its variants, this rifle was at a point adopted by more than 90 nations and was at a time the direct competitor to the AK-47/AKM rifles. This rifle was seen in literally every continent in the world (except Antarctica) and has been featured and seen in both major conflicts and minor skirmishes from the 1950s, from the Vietnam War and the Rhodesian Bush Wars of the Cold War era to Middle Eastern Insurgencies today in Syria and Iraq. The VFC FAL (LAR) Standard Type I GBB is the worlds first ever gas blowback FAL style rifle!


The VFC LAR adopts the metric version of the FAL which features meters as measurement in the sighting system instead of yards which the inch pattern L1A1 that Britain and its Commonwealth adopted, this rifle is very similar to that of the early Belgium made FAL. The gun has a very realistic and robust built, being made out of metal with some steel parts which includes the outer barrel, bolt carrier, carry handle.


The hop up adjustment is designed to be easily accessible, as it is located at the mock gas block, which you can adjust similar to how one would adjust the gas pressure of an actual FAL! Adding to the realism, the magazine holds 20 rounds, just like the real thing! Detailed features of the FAL can be found HERE.




  • Faithful Replica of the Right Arm of the Free World
  • The First Ever FAL Style Rifle in Gas Blowback Form
  • Metric Version
  • Robust Metal Construction with Many Parts Made of Steel
  • Easily Accessible Hop Up Adjustment
  • Gas blowback with recoil



  • Length: 1080mm
  • Velocity: 370-390 FPS (0.20g BB)
  • Weight: 3650 g
  • Magazine capacity: 20 rounds, 6mm plastic BB
  • Material: Metal, Steel & Polymer.
  • Firing modes: Semi & full auto
  • Power source: Green Gas / Propane
  • Package comes with: Gun, magazine & instruction manual.
  • Product Code: VF2-LAR-BK01






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