VFC AEG Avalon Calibur CQC + Hardcase


  • BONUS Hard Case
  • Mosfet From Factory
  • Flat Performance Trigger
  • Steel Robust Build
  • Ambidextrous

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Hello buyer, please note!

Proof of an airsoft club membership within NZ is required for purchase (Either a club ID OR a written letter from the club) as this item was imported under these conditions via the police import permit process

You MUST be 18+ Years old if you do not hold a firearms licence

Buyers requiring mail post MUST complete an S-43A Police form


Don’t make the mistake of buying a cheap gun… Only to have to buy another one further down the track

VFC have been trusted here in NZ for years, and continue to produce the most fantastic products for the airsoft market

Designed for 6mm Airsoft plastic B.B only

– Metal construction: Lightweight Durable metal Rails, receivers, and buffer tube + metal ringing testing prongs flash hider

– Come from factory with the new VFC ECS mosfet for improved lifetime, durability, and reliability

– Comes with BONUS a hard case which is fantastic for new players who are a bit rough with their gear

– Magazine release and fire selector are ambidextrous

– Comes with a VFC 120 Round Midcap QMAG magazine

– Large size adjustable QRS stock for larger nun chuck batteries

VFC are a great choice for upgrades down the track, Mosfets like the Gate TITAN, Spectre, and other similar V2 gearbox compatible mosfets

LOTS of spare parts nationwide, and here at The Arena

Velocity sits around 352 FPS on .20g B.B out of the box


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