Tokyo Marui Model G18c (AEP)


  • Semi & Full Auto Fire
  • 30 Round Die-cast Mini Magazines
  • 3rd Gen Glock Design
  • More Consistent performance

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Hello buyer, please note!


To purchase an Airgun, legally you MUST be 18+ Years old if you do not hold a firearms licence

Additional to the requirement above, proof of an airsoft club membership within NZ is required for this item (Either a club ID OR a written letter from the club) as this item was imported under these conditions via the police import permit process due to the classification of this item being a “Restricted Airgun”

Mail orders MUST complete an S-43A Police form (we provide this for you to complete and drop off at your local arms office) – Local pick up will not require the S-43A, just one form of I.D: Driver’s licence, Passport or Firearms Licence



Designed for 6mm Airsoft plastic B.B only

The Tokyo Marui 18c is a replica of the real steel Glock 18c, electric is convenient for players who want a more reliable secondary with consistency, less maintenance, and far less weight than most GBB versions

Electric pistols are a great choice for players who play in colder climates, especially when gas pistols fail to perform!

Improved metal gearbox internals for improved reliability and consistency. Don’t be fooled, this is not the cheaper electric pistol that runs on AAA batteries! This one has a micro gearbox and runs on larger rechargeable batteries!

Replicated Glock 18c design

3rd Generation style rail underneath for tactical flashlights

Convenient micro battery placement inside the slide

30 round stick type magazine

Weight 1.0kg

Velocity: 200 FPS

Full-Auto & Semi Auto Modes

Powered by 7.4v Lipo or 7.2v Nimh batteries (Sold separately)



*Battery & charger not included – sold separately*


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