Tokyo Marui Model 18c Electric Pistol


  • Semi & Full Auto Fire
  • 10 Round Die-cast Mini Magazines
  • 3rd Gen Glock Design
  • Improved Gearbox Design

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Redesigned and re-imagined by Tokyo Marui! The internals have been improved for longer life

Designed for 6mm Airsoft plastic B.B only

The Model 18c is a replica of the real steel Glock 18c, electric is convenient for players who want a more reliable secondary with consistency, less maintenance, and far less weight than most GBB versions

Improved metal gearbox internals for improved reliability and consistency
Semi & Full auto firing modes on a selector located on the back of the slider
Replicated Glock 18c compensator design
3rd Generation style rail underneath for tactical flashlights
Convenient micro battery placement underneath the slider, between the barrel and the lower receiver (7.2v – 7.4v only)
Die cast thin 30+1rd type magazine, fantastic size for carrying MORE magazines on the go
Weight 1.0kg

Note: This is the NON-BLOW BACK version

*Proof of an airsoft club membership will be required for the sale. Couriered items will require an S-43A Police form*


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