• Metal & Wood construction
  • VSR Parts compatible
  • Rare and collectable Airsoft Gun

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Hello buyer, please note!

To purchase this Airgun, you MUST be 18+ Years old.

If you’re needing this item shipped, a S43A Police form will need to be completed; we provide this for you to complete and needs to be dropped off at your local arms office.





SMLE (Lee Enfield No1 MK3)



Collectable 1/1 Scale Bolt Action Spring Powered Rifle based on the popular WW1 British Rifle. Constructed of high quality real wood with a black oxide finish to the metal parts. Realistic rear hammer, adjustable sights, new hop up design and improved shooting accuracy are just a few of the features.


The internal system of the SMLE is based on the Marui VSR hop-up and inner barrel. The trigger unit is based on the 90 degree trigger set. Bolt pull is much shorter than the original VSR design, so it uses shortened VSR springs. Bolt is made of Iron for improved strength and durability. Hop-up is very easy to access and is located next to the rear sight.



  • Length: 1140 mm
  • Velocity: 380-390 FPS with (0.20g 6mm plastic BB)
  • Weight: 3750 g
  • Magazine: Metal cased – 35 rounds
  • Material: Metal & wood
  • Power source: Spring powered – Bolt Action (upgradeable with most TM VSR compatible parts)
  • Firing modes: Single shot





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