Sky RC iMax B6AC V2 multi-charge


  • Factory Genuine Sky RC
  • The Best Battery Care
  • 6 Amps Maximum
  • Charges All Kinds Of Batteries… Even Car Batteries!
  • Very Safe, Lots Of Features

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Yes absolutely these are Genuine!

Sky RC have been making the iMax for years, and hobbyists have trusted them for just as long. These things are fantastic for accurate, efficient, and safe Lipo charging

Great for anything remote control! Airsoft, car batteries, almost any battery out there

The V2 version is far better, and the interface is quite nice too… yet familair if you have used the V1, or the Turnigy Accucell chargers


– Lipo (1-6 cell)
– LiFe (1-6 cell)
– Li-ion (1-6 cell)
– LiHV (1-6 cell)
– NiMH (1-15 cell)
– NiCd (1-15 cell)
– Lead (2-20v)

Operates on 110v – 240v AC, or 11v – 18v DC (suitable for car battery operation on DC)

– Charges up to 6A of power, discharges 2A (You select the total output)
– PC control & Firmware upgradable
– Smart phone control & Monitor compatible (SK – 600075 module sold separately)
– Lithium battery meter + individual cell voltage meter
– Dimensions: 135x144x36mm


– Output to Deans (serves to most included cables)
– JST plug cable
– Clips for Lead batteries

– Pack includes NZ/AU AC plug + DC battery plug leads

Great for Lipo!

– Charge + Fast Charge modes
– REALLY accurate Cell balancing
– discharge mode
– storage charge mode
– Detects short circuits, irregular voltages, or disconnected/faulty cells

REMEMBER: We always recommend to monitor your batteries while charging… and to use a solid surface (like out in the garage) when charging. Don’t get caught out!


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