Polarstar MRS Modular Regulator System


  • Regulator With Bonus Features
  • 40 – 145 PSI Output
  • Tournament Lock Compatible
  • Built to last… and be fast!

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Genuine Polarstar – Made in the USA

The Polarstar Modular Regulator System (MRS) may stand a bit taller than it’s younger brother… The Micro Reg Gen 2. But it replaces the size with some awesome extra features!

Modular design with different output & pressure configurations avalible

Oversized 4mm internal piston for much faster refresh rates and higher flow

Includes a sliding tournament lock sleeve, lockable with standard size zip ties

Integrated on/off twisting pressure release valve knob for easier bottle removal (we are a HUGE fan of this feature)

Fits onto standard HPA bottle threads, and SLP tanks.

Operates 40 – 145 PSI output pressure

Comes with a factory braided 1 meter Hose


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