Polarstar M4/M16 HPA Fusion Engine (LFP/Blue)


  • Complete drop in Fusion Engine
  • HPA bottle powered
  • Fits M4/M16 AEG body

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FE V2, M4/M16 HPA Fusion Engine (LFP Red/Blue Nozzle)



PolarStar Gen.3 V2 Fusion Engine, the latest / newest fusion engine that offers all the same performance and reliability of the original fusion engine! This model comes with the Red Low Flow Poppet valve, mid-level restriction valve for a good blend of power and efficiency.


This FE kit comes with the necessary core parts to convert your AEG M4 / M16 to the Fusion System. This can be used with other Ver 2 Airsoft AEGs by replacing the selector plate, trigger and Fusion Engine nozzle (additional FE nozzles, triggers and selector plates not included).


The Fusion Engine is compatible with AEG style Hop-ups and Inner Barrels allowing the use of standard upgrade parts. Converting your Airsoft gun to run on high pressure air removes the headaches of the conventional mechanical gearbox, better trigger response, gives high consistency of shots and ease of adjusting the FPS!


Constructed from CNC machined aluminum our system is extremely durable and is even capable of operating under extreme temperatures without decreased performance or reliability.


You can quickly change and adjust key functions of the engine via the on-board FCU (Fire Control Unit) which is no bigger than an AEG’s MOSFET and can easily fit inside of a rifles battery compartment along with a small Li-po battery. Using the FCU’s five position joystick and LCD display you will be able to easily adjust such functions as the systems cyclic rate, fire modes and nozzle timing on the fly.



Nozzle Color: Blue

Poppet: LFP Red

PSI Operating Range: 80-120 PSI (Do NOT exceed 120 PSI)

Power Type: High Pressure Air Tank (Tank and Regulator sold separately)

Package Includes: Pre-Assembled Fusion Engine, FCU

FCU Battery: 7.4v-9.6v NiMH or Lipo (Sold separately).

Product Code: 10000708

Rate of Fire: 8 to 30 rounds per second, Adjustable



Approximate Max Velocity: (0.20g BB @ 120 PSI)

275mm Inner Barrel: 380 FPS
380mm Inner Barrel: 405 FPS
509mm Inner Barrel: 435 FPS





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