Polarstar F2 V2 M4/M16 AEG Conversion Kit


  • Drop In Kit M4/M16 AEG
  • Dual Solenoid SIMPLE Tuning
  • 45 PSI – 145 PSI
  • 30RPS For Most Setups

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Genuine Polarstar – Made in the USA

AEG HPA conversions are a huge advantage… They have a faster response, ninja silent operation, and the best reliability you will find.

The F2 offers unmatched WIDER tuning for HPA, full velocity adjustment with pressure alone without needing to change the nozzle!

The F2 is a more comapact version of the F1 motor, and provides the same functionality

These systems feature dual solenoids which allow the nozzle, and poppet valve to be adjusted independently of each other for superior control over loading time, and and air volume consumption.

The F2 is also very efficient with an operating pressure from 45 PSI up to 145 PSI with the same nozzle from factory. This makes the F2 very easily tunable for CQB spec, all the way up to DMR Spec with less tuning. The F2 features an improved lightweight poppet design for even more air efficiency

Battery & male hose nipple fitting not included, sold separately


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