Maxx CNC Hopup (Marui) ME SPORT


  • Improves FPS & Accuracy
  • CNC Aluminium construction
  • Fits Marui design M4/M16 V2 AEG series

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Maxx Airsoft

CNC Aluminum Hopup Chamber (Marui) ME – SPORT



CNC Aluminum Hop-up Chamber ME Sport (with BB Catching System) unit is precisely made to improve accuracy and ensure consistent air seal for Tokyo Marui (include KRYTAC and KWA) M4/M16 Standard AEG series.





  • Precision rotary dial design for fine hop-up adjustments, also re-engineered the hop-up levers and concave nubs to work best with R-hop and Standard-Hop to keep the BBs shooting straight and accurate on every single shot.
  • Designed to accept the nozzle length from 21.00mm to 21.25mm, and fully compatible with most aftermarket soft and hard rubber bucking without losing FPS or dropping BBs.
  • Equipped with a new CNC Delrin Locking C-Clip design to hold barrel tight without wobbling/twisting.
  • Utilises 3 compression springs (top, bottom and centre) on the housing to ensure the hop-up unit is exactly centre, straight and air tight at all times when adapted to any V2 gearboxes with 11mm or 11.5mm inner bore.
  • Designed with BB Catching System to prevent dropping BBs after removing the magazine.
  • When installed correctly, FPS increase will be 10-30 FPS more compared to the stock hop-units.



*The Dual UV LED Boards and Module set and Single UV LED Board w/ Clear Cover and Module set are optional add-ons to glow BBs in the dark. Operating Voltage from 7VDC – 15VDC (2-4 cells LiPo, 6-13 cells NiCad). (Sold separately)*

*The Empty Magazine Detection Sensor and Electronic Switch Controller are optional add-ons to stop Motor/HPA firing when the magazine is empty. (Sold separately)*



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Dimensions 14 × 8 × 3 cm


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