Madbull Havoc 40mm Grenade Launcher


  • CNC Aluminum construction
  • Mounts to 20mm Picatinny rail
  • Chambered for 40mm Airsoft Shell (Sold separately)

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Hello buyer, please note!

To purchase this Restricted Airgun, you MUST be 18+ Years old with proof of an Airsoft Club Membership within NZ (Either a club ID OR a written letter from the club).





Havoc 40mm Grenade Launcher



A replica of the Spikes Tactical grenade launcher for rifles with a 20mm RIS hand guard. This 40mm launcher is of high quality, CNC machined from Aluminum and Hard Anodised finish. Chambered in 40mm Airsoft Shells, some shells which are not true to 40mm shell design, such as ICS shells will not fit. Working safety latch is found off to the side, next to the trigger.



  • Built Material: CNC Aluminium
  • Magazine capacity: 1x 40mm Airsoft Shell (Sold separately)
  • Length: 320mm
  • Weight: 1020g
  • Muzzle Velocity: Dependant type of shell
  • Firing modes: Safe/Single Shot





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