• C02 Non blow back
  • Working Suppressor
  • Aluminium & Steel construction

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Hello buyer, please note!

To purchase this Restricted Airgun, you MUST be 18+ Years old with proof of an Airsoft Club Membership within NZ (Either a club ID OR a written letter from the club).





PM2 CO2 – Gas Non-blowback pistol


ICS has introduced this new Russian Makarov style pistol, the PM2 Non-Blowback CO2 pistol. Built with a metal, non-blowback slide and pistol grip, the ICS PM2 is simplistically designed with a fixed outer barrel system and adjustable hop-up that provides high-performance and the best accuracy possible. With working suppressor this pistol was designed to be a stealth shooter! Running on C02 means it can get more velocity, range and accuracy compared to the conventional Green Gas NBB such as the Tokyo Marui MK23 NBB.



Special Features:

  • Adjustable Hop-Up system
  • 14mm CCW threaded outer barrel
  • Authentic trigger guard
  • Non-Blowback system makes for a quieter and more efficient pistol
  • Working suppressor



  • Length: 265 mm / 165 mm
  • Barrel length: 88.5 mm
  • Muzzle velocity: 328 FPS with 0.20g BB / C02
  • Weight: 720 g / 845 g
  • Caliber: 6mm plastic BB
  • Magazine Capacity: 13 rounds
  • Material: Aluminum & Steel
  • Product code: BLE-002-SB




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