ICS CXP Peleador III S3


  • Upgraded S3 version
  • Split mech gearbox with quick change spring system
  • 310-330 FPS (0.20g BB)

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To purchase this Restricted Airgun, you MUST be 18+ Years old with proof of an Airsoft Club Membership within NZ (Either a club ID OR a written letter from the club).




CXP Peleador III S3 – Black AEG



The latest generation of affordable ICS M4 AEG has arrived, the Peleador is a new breath of life into the fantastic CXP range ICS has been making for years. The Peleador features the M-LOK rail system which is smoother, lighter and uses M-LOK rail sections (sold separately) for attachments of accessories. These AEGS come from factory as the upgraded version of the standard Peleador, which includes few more perks:


Upgraded Trigger:

ICS SSS E-trigger system pre-cocks the piston to allow for sharper and crisper trigger pulls. The electronic trigger stops the contacts from burning out and has diagnostics if the gun runs into any errors. Holding the trigger down for 10 seconds on Semi-Auto will program the full auto setting to 3-Shot burst. Selecting Safe mode on the selector switch will de-cock the spring back to the decompressed state in order to preserve spring life.


Upgraded Upper gearbox:

AL6061 Cylinder head and piston head improves air pressure performance & shock obsorbing durability to the gearbox shell. Quick detach spring guide design allows for super fast spring changes. Forward assist button works as a spring release button for improving spring life when gun is not in use.



  • Length: 770 mm (stock collapsed) – 844 mm (stock extended)
  • Velocity: 310-330 FPS (0.20g BB)
  • Weight: 2381 g
  • Magazine capacity: 300 rounds
  • Material: ABS polymer receiver & M-LOK rail system
  • Motor: Long type motor
  • Firing modes: S3 trigger Safe/Semi/Burst/Full-Auto
  • Power source: 7.4v li-po battery



*Battery & charger sold separately*


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