HPA M1911 Hi-Cap Mag


  • High capacity HPA conversion magazine
  • Fits Marui M1911 series gas blowback pistols
  • 100PSI rating

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Arena Custom

HPA M1911 Hi-Cap Mag



The Arena Custom made high capacity magazine for the Tokyo Marui M1911 / MEU / MKIV series gas blowback pistols. This custom magazine is fused together using a machined Aluminium billet block with Tokyo Marui and AEG magazines. Converts your Marui gas pistol to run on HPA with huge ammo capacity! Rotating hose design will allow ease of movement with HPA hose.


Magazine is speed loaded by using a BB loader through the rubber grommet on the side of the magazine. Wind up the magazine by the wheel at the bottom of the magazine (like any normal AEG hi-capacity magazine).



Capacity: 475 round / 6mm plastic Airsoft BB

Material: Aluminium, brass & steel

System: HPA powered

PSI rating: Maximum 100 PSI

Colour: black





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