HPA / C02 Avalon CQC


  • VFC AVALON full metal body
  • Polarstar F1 + UGS C02 Stock
  • High performance C02 powered

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Hello buyer, please note!


To purchase an Airgun, legally you MUST be 18+ Years old if you do not hold a firearms licence.

Additional to the requirement above, proof of an airsoft club membership within NZ is required for this item (Either a club ID OR a written letter from the club) as this item was imported under these conditions via the police import permit process due to the classification of this item being a “Restricted Airgun”.

Mail orders MUST complete an S-43A Police form (we provide this for you to complete and drop off at your local arms office) – Local pick up will not require the S-43A, just one form of I.D: Driver’s licence, Passport or Firearms Licence.






HPA / C02 Avalon CQC


This special custom build utilizes the Polarstar F1 HPA engine + UGS 12g C02 stock inside the VFC Avalon CQC Airsoft gun, to give you a new dimension of Airsoft gun capabilities! We have also dropped in the Maxx competition trigger pre-tuned by us to have a very light pull & quick reset to spit those BB’s out like theres no tomorrow! Powered by 12g C02 cartridges, so you don’t have to have a bottle and line hanging out while you play!


The F1™ is a high performance, universal HPA (High Pressure Air) drop-in cylinder designed to fit virtually any AEG gearbox which incorporates a center-line nozzle. It replaces the original gearbox components with a programmable pneumatic system allowing for higher performance, greater reliability and complete adjustability. This allows the F1™ to fill any role ranging from CQB to sniper with no additional components needed.


The F1™ allows for easy velocity adjustment just by changing input pressure and does not require different nozzles to reach its full velocity range. Using a standard M4 as an example, velocity can be adjusted from below 280fps and up to approximately 500fps with a .20g BB. Velocity can vary per model as longer barrels will increase the maximum FPS while shorter barrels will decrease it.




PSI Operating Range: Adjustable: 80-130 PSI (Do NOT exceed 130 PSI)

Magazine: VFC QRS spring loaded mid-cap – 120 rounds 6mm Plastic BB

Power Type: C02 12g Cartridges (200-300 shots per 12g – depending on PSI output settings)

Power: Adjustable: between 280fps and up to approximately 500fps with a .20g BB

Firing mode: Safe / Semi / Auto / 2-9 Round Burst

FCU Battery: 7.4v Lipo (Sold separately)

Rate of Fire: Adjustable – 8 to 30 rounds per second




*Li-po battery & 12g C02 Cartridges sold separately*


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