GladiatAir U77 Tank with Regulator


  • 77ci Capacity
  • Carbon Fibre tank
  • Includes GladiatAir regulator

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U77 Tank with Regulator



The GladiatAir U77 HPA tank is the perfect in-between tank size!

Built with new generation carbon fibre, this tank is the perfect tank for both speedballers and bushballers alike! Pro-players using the U77 love it’s lightweight feel which is perfect for tournament play.

The Ultralite series HPA tanks are built with a tougher carbon fibre wrap, requiring less carbon fibre to achieve the required strength. Lightweight and durable, the U series HPA tanks deliver the ultimate performance for the pro player. The U77 is the perfect capacity for those players looking to get some more air from their cylinders without sacrificing significant weight or size differences.

Globally Certified enabling use in Australia, New Zealand, Europe & North America.


REGULATOR: Standard outlet pressure is 700 – 900 PSI, with a change to the disc springs pressure can be reduced to 400 – 600 PSI suitable for most low pressure markers.


  • Service pressure: 4500 PSI.
  • Test pressure: 6750 PSI.
  • Capacity: 77 ci / 1.26 ltr.
  • Dimensions: 228mm length / 112mm Diameter.
  • Weight: 0.86 KG.


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Improper use, filing, storage or disposal of this cylinder may result in death, injury or property damage. This cylinder must only be filled by properly trained personnel in accordance with AS 2030. Do not over pressure. Do not expose pressurised cylinder to temperatures in excess of 50 degrees Celsius. Do not expose this cylinder to corrosive materials. Valves must only be installed or removed by qualified personnel. Do not alter this cylinder in any way. 

Cylinders heated to a temperature of 120 degrees Celsius or more must be condemned or re-qualified. Keep cylinder out of reach of children. Never over-fill maximum capacity. This cylinder must be hydro-tested every five years by an authorised test facility. 

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Weight 1.270 kg
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 10 cm


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