• Great for AEG with limited battery space
  • Rated up to 12.8v
  • Affordable and powerful

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PicoSSR 3



PicoSSR 3 is the world’s smallest MOSFET for AEG. Even though its dimensions are merely 4x6x21 mm, PicoSSR 3 is very powerful. It has great electrical and mechanical parameters and fits replicas with little space for MOSFET. Additionally, it is fully resistant to water immersion (after heatshrink tube fitting). It can work with the strongest AEG replicas – maximum battery rated voltage is 12.8V.


The key function of the PicoSSR is a MOSFET, it targets the energy from the battery directly to the motor, bypassing the mechanical trigger contacts which protects it from electrical burn out. The affordable MOSFET gains you a higher rate of fire and a faster trigger response for your AEG.



PicoSSR 3 full specifications can be found here

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