Custom VSR Sniper *Pre-Owned*


  • Tokyo Marui VSR Clone
  • Upgraded Internals
  • Sniper Set Up

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To purchase this Airgun, you must beĀ able to provide proof of age (18+ years old) through either a copy of your Drivers license or Passport upon purchase.





VSR Sniper *Pre-owned*



This custom built Airsoft Sniper Rifle is a clone based off the Tokyo Marui VSR design, which means parts compatibility for aftermarket VSR parts are readily available! Finished in Camouflage pattern and already upgraded with aftermarket parts, giving it a solid 1.8 – 2.0 joules! To top it off, it includes a Athlon 3-9x 40 Sniper Scope.


When set to shoot 0.30 gram BB the joule rating is around 2 joules of energy (equivalent to 465 FPS using 0.20g BB)

When set up to shoot 0.36 gram BB the joule rating drops to 1.8 joules of energy (equivalent to 440 FPS using 0.20g BB)

The heavier the weight BB you use, the more accurate it will be. Ideally you will want to run this between 0.36 – 0.40 gram BB’s for good balance of accuracy & range.




  • CNC made Hop-Up chamber (Hop up is now adjusted through Allen key wrench)
  • PDI 6.01 tightbore barrel
  • Nineball VSR hop rubber
  • Action Army 90 degree trigger sear set
  • VFC Bolt Assembly with 90 degree aluminium piston




  • Length: 1070 mm
  • Velocity: Set for 0.36g BB @ 1.8 Joules / equivalent to 440 FPS using 0.20g BB
  • Weight: 2470 g
  • Magazine capacity: 30 rounds
  • Firing mode: Single Shot / Bolt Action Air




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