Madbull XM108HP 40mm Airsoft Grenade


  • 108 Shot 40mm Shell
  • Green/Top Gas
  • Steel Milled Casing
  • Easy Re-Priming

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Factory Genuine Madbull Products

Madbull XM108HP 40mm Airsoft Grenade Launcher Shell

A Long Boy at  whole 100mm long

Designed for Plastic Airsoft 6mm B.B only

Take out your enemies with a 108 shot B.B shower!

Reload the gas with a super easy push re-prime, and insert green/top gas from the top

Weighty well built Milled Steel Design

Top unscrews for internal maintenance, and oiling

Comes with a bonus Madbull sticker!

Do not use C02

Additional information

Weight .257 kg
Dimensions 13 × 7 × 7 cm


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