Promoting Proactive Airsoft Safety in NZ


Here in New Zealand our laws are different to some countries, if you are traveling to New Zealand intending to play airsoft, or live in NZ and are joining the scene… This page will be quite important to you.

No matter what anyone says… Airsoft guns ARE a Firearm here in New Zealand, they are governed by the Firearms Code under their own special “Airgun” classification*

*Be aware that some parts of the current Firearms code (2013) refer to non B.B airguns, some exceptions may apply. For inquiries please contact us or your local Police arms officer.


If you are a new player here in New Zealand, BE SURE you understand the ownership guidelines from the Firearms code before purchasing an airsoft gun. Your actions reflect directly upon the privilege of everyone enjoying airsoft here in NZ, so be very careful!


Here are some of our recommendations you should take note of:




Unlike Real Steel Firearms you do not require Police approved weapon safes or storage rooms. However for your own safety and the safety of others, it is very important that you lock up your own airsoft guns securely and out of sight.
Your airsoft gun should ALWAYS be unloaded and disabled (remove the battery or gas source) with the safety catch on while in storage.

For storage you should consider the following:


  • Lockable Hard carry cases
  • Fabric zippable firearms bags
  • Closing storage cabinets (especially for larger collections)


Please also make sure airsoft guns and B.B ammunition are out of reach of children, they can do SERIOUS HARM to themselves or others.



Airsoft guns look like real firearms and are very valuable, these should NOT be left unattended at any time in public.
If you are going to an airsoft game for the day, Remember:


SAFE to the FIELD, and safe HOME


You should never be going anywhere else with Airsoft guns, if you are they should NEVER be left unattended. Be very careful about keeping them covered up and away from view. They must ALWAYS be transported inside their Hard Case or A fabric firearm bag at a minimum.


If not… There are penalties and/or charges


Guns are also a big potential target for theft


Anytime you are using or transporting your airsoft equipment, it is a good idea to have an airsoft club ID available for presentation to authorities. Ask your club for more information.




Use Locations




In New Zealand possessing airsoft guns in open public can not only trigger an armed Police call out, it is illegal and you potentially can be charged.

DO NOT use your airsoft guns in the following places:


  • Public spaces (like streets, buildings, parks or forests open to public)
  • Exposed backyards/property
  • Within populated neighborhoods
  • Anywhere that is not an official private airsoft field


It is safest to ONLY use airsoft guns at airsoft fields, or securely concealed private property (strictly with land owner permission). Noise or sight of airsoft guns in busy places like neighborhoods or public forests will create unwanted concern… Followed by an unfriendly visit from Armed Police. PLEASE be very careful!




Airsoft Gun Usage




Anyone under the age of 18 years old must be under “immediate supervision” which is a legally aged person within reach of the underage user.
The legal age to OWN an airsoft gun is 18+ years old, or 16 to 18 years old possessing a current NZ firearms licence.
Airsoft guns must be treated like a real steel firearm at ALL TIMES, they have potential to do serious harm to people if treated senselessly and carelessly.



  • Never aim the gun at anything you don’t intend to shoot
  • Do not excessively shoot other players, this can be considered assault
  • Aim the gun at the ground while not in use with the safety on
  • For more powerful airsoft guns, check you will not injure your target at close range (MED’s)
  • Keep the gun unloaded, and engage the safety catch when not in use


Make sure you follow your airsoft field rules for gun usage, you may be kicked off field or potentially banned if you fail to do so. Please ask the field for more information.



Safety Equipment


You should be concerned about your safety and for the people around you. Make sure you and any bystanders or players are wearing appropriate safety gear.
When using an airsoft gun (or nearby one in use), it does not matter if you are in a game or not…  You must wear protection!
Also be aware that some fields safety standards may differ to others, Ask your field before playing.

You should consider the following:


  • AS/NZS1337 certified safety glasses (Usually at hardware shops)
  • Fully Sealing safety glasses/goggles
  • Hard plastic/metal lower face protection
  • Preferably full face masks for optimum protection


Sport mouth guards which sit inside the mouth are not effective protection, many airsoft fields with compulsory mouth protection will reject these. Use a airsoft mouth guard approved by your field, ask your field for more.



Alright… Ready up and move out to your local airsoft club, have a blast!