Tokyo Marui H&K MK23 SOCOM Gas Full Set


  • Superior Silent Operation
  • Minimal Moving Parts
  • Super Efficient Gas Usage
  • 300 FPS Velocity

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Hello buyer, please note!

Proof of an airsoft club membership within NZ is required for purchase (Either a club ID OR a written letter from the club) as this item was imported under these conditions via the police import permit process

You MUST be 18+ Years old if you do not hold a firearms licence

Buyers requiring mail post MUST complete an S-43A Police form


Take command of Tokyo Marui’s most famous & QUIETEST stealth Pistol

Designed for 6mm Airsoft plastic B.B only

The SOCOM Mk23 was born with the pure intent to eliminate targets with a very high achievement of complete stealth

Among airsoft fans it is regarded one of the most effective out there

These Pistols are engineered with very minimal moving parts to remove every possible chance of noise

The Silencer is foam filled which takes away the bark of the gas release completely, it is reduced to a very faint *Pop* sound (Which can’t be heard over 5 meters away)

Since these are not blow back they are REALLY efficient on gas… Almost 4 or 5 magazines before you run out of gas

This Full set will give you everything you need to take control of the field, silently…

Packed Plastic Case

28 Round Die Cast Steel Magazine

300 FPS Velocity

Metal durable Silencer

LAM unit for tactical lighting


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