LCT PP19-01 airsoft SMG AEG


  • Steel Reciever + Nylon Hand Grip
  • Steel Folding Stock
  • Small CQB Design
  • Lightweight SMG Design

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The revolution from the relatively unsuccessful PP19 Bison, the PP19-01 was adapted to many of Russia’s specialised forces like OMON Police force. The design was said to be based on the AKS-74U and still in use today

The PP19-01 is a perfect match for players who want a smaller form or lighter airsoft gun, without compromising for robust design

Designed for 6mm Airsoft plastic B.B only

– 1/1 scale replica electric AEG
– Semi / Full-auto fire modes via selector
– Steel reciever + top cover
– Steel outer barrel with 37mm flash hider (14mm Counter clock wise)
– Steel fixed front sight
– Steel side folding stock
– Twin polymer lo-cap 50 round magazines
– Adjustable hop-up system
– Up to 7.4v Lipo battery (sold separately)

* EOTECH sight not included *

* Proof of an NZ airsoft club membership OR firearms licence is required for purchase, as this item was imported under these conditions via police import permit process.

You MUST be over 18 Years old if you do not hold a firearms licence *

*Buyers requiring mail postage MUST complete a S-43A Police form*


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