iPower iMax B6AC AC/DC Multi-charger – NZ/AU Plug


  • Superior Battery Care
  • Up to 6A of Charging
  • Charges All Kinds… Even Car Batteries!
  • Very Safe, Full Of Features

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Great for anything remote control! Airsoft, car batteries, almost any battery out there

Especially for Lipo these are pretty easy! These have the charge amperage pre-set into each mAh setting, so you can’t over-amp your batteries

These chargers are balancing cells pretty well too, these will take care of your battery for much longer than cheaper chargers


– Lipo (1-6 cell)
– LiFe (1-6 cell)
– Li-ion (1-6 cell)
– NiMH (1-15 cell)
– NiCd (1-15 cell)
– Lead acid (2-20v)

Operates on 110v – 240v AC, or 11v – 18v DC (suitable for car battery operation on DC)

– Charges up to 6A of power, discharges up to 2A
– Temperature module compatible (sold separately)
– Lithium battery meter + individual cell voltage meter
– Dimensions: 135x144x36mm
– Micro processor controlled charging system


– Output to Deans
– Tamiya Small + Large connector
– Clips for Lead battery operation

– Pack includes NZ/AU AC plug + DC car battery plug leads


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